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What is Corrugated Cardboard? (Valuable Guide)

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard containing of fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat liner board sheet. The corrugations helps to give the paperboard strength and stiffness. corrugated cardboard have uses in packaging glass and pottery containers from the mid 1950s, so it make able for easy transportation from farm to retailer without bruising and any damage.

Manufacturing of Corrugated Cardboard

A corrugated cardboard is manufactured by bonding together two sheets of paper with a layer of corrugated paper in between. In addition the corrugated paper has come in formation by passing a sheet of paper through a set of rollers that have a corrugate or wavy pattern. Corrugated board is a type of paperboard that have uses in packaging and one of the best material in the list of packaging materials. The outer layer is known as linerboard and the inner layer is known as medium. The medium is usually obtaining  from recyclable  paper. The linerboard is obtaining  from new paper.

 Advantages of Corrugated Board

  1. Corrugated board is a  surely strong and durable material.
  2. It is indeed  light in weight and easy to handle.
  3. Corrugated board has easily mold to any shape.
  4. It is  undoubtedly moisture resistant and does not rot.
  5. Corrugated board is  surely  termite resistant.
  6. It is economical because it can be reusable.
  7. Corrugated board can be printed on easily.
  8. It can be die-cut and embossed.
  9. Corrugated board is eco-friendly as it have quality of recycling and of course use again and again.
  10. It has a feature of recyclable .

Disadvantage of Corrugated Board

  1. corrugated paper  is not as strong as other packaging materials.
  2. It is not very durable.
  3. This paper is not moisture resistant.
  4. corrugated paper is not very strong against impact.
  5. It is not heat resistant.
  6. This paper is not very rigid.
  7. corrugated paper is very good at protecting against vibration.
  8. It is not very good at protecting against shock and abrasion
  9. This is not very good at protecting against puncture.

Ten Common Uses of Corrugated Board

  1. Corrugated board has its common use in packaging.
  2. It also have uses in construction purposes, such as in temporary partitions or as a backing for plasterboard.
  3. Corrugated board have uses  in the automotive industry  such as  making dashboards and other interior parts.
  4. It  also have uses in the furniture industry, for making shelves and other storage solutions.
  5. Corrugated board have uses in arts and crafts, such as for making cardboard models or sculptures.
  6. It  also have common uses  in the food and beverage industry for packaging purposes.
  7. Corrugated board have uses in the printing industry in the case of for making packaging and labels.
  8. It also have uses in the construction industry for making temporary walls or roofs.
  9. Corrugated board also have uses in the advertising industry such as in making point of purchase displays.
  10. Corrugated board can also be recycled and used for a variety of other purposes.

Types of corrugated cardboard

There are two types of corrugated cardboard

  • Fluted
  • Flat

Fluted cardboard has a series of parallel creases running through it, while flat cardboard has a single, large crease. Different type of cardboard have different purposes. Fluted cardboard is typically in use for packaging and shipping, while flat cardboard is in use for construction and art projects.

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