Choose the right contract packager
If you choose to go with a contract packager, remember that you will be working closely with them to create your packaging solution and that they will be the steward of your brand, so it is important to have complete trust and confidence. Be sure they have the experience, expertise, facilities, and commitment to quality and that they are able to meet your timelines.

If you're considering GSC, then you have already begun exploring the possibility of using a contract packager. If you're not sure yet whether working with a contract packager is the right choice, consider these benefits:

  • A contract packager with well-equipped facilities can expand your production facilities without requiring a capital investment from you in facilities, equipment, and personnel, eliminating or reducing costs. This is particularly helpful when you have recurring needs for greater capacity.
  • A contract packager is already set up and ready to go, so lead-time to market is reduced.
  • A contract packager with an experienced team has built-in expertise in packaging design and execution, as well as related areas such as food safety and quality requirements—including areas in which you might not have existing resources or expertise. In essence, your development team can be extended with a contract packager.
  • A contract packager can handle more specialized needs, such as packaging products in smaller lots or handling unusual or short-term needs.
  • A centrally located contract packager can help you manage distribution in other geographic areas.
  • A contract packager with expertise in all areas of packaging can help you design and produce a packaging solution for a new product.