What is VFFS?
VFFS, or Vertical Form Fill Seal, describes the way the pouch is assembled; thus, machines that produce these types of pouches are called VFFS machines.

A VFFS machine makes a tube out of a flat roll of material, fills, and then seals it on the top and the bottom all on one process, making it very efficient.

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Pouches produced on a Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine are excellent for high-volume environment such as food service or other uses where packaging does not require a "shelf-ready" look, such as cheese that is packed with a bag of pasta. These pouches are inexpensive, practical, and very dependable. GSC can package your entire product in this or a combination of formats—such as a stand-up pouch with a VFFS pouch inside—in any combination that best suits your product.