Strong partnerships for quality solutions
To ensure a quality solution, we select our partners carefully. We work with many industry leading manufacturers of film, IFCs, and other materials used in primary and secondary packaging.

Packaging a product is only a part of delivering it to the consumer. It is important to choose a partner that is equipped to manage the supply chain. GSC offers complete warehousing, distribution, and delivery services to ensure your product is safely stored and gets to the right place at the right time.

GSC has more than 100,000 square feet of temperature-controlled, racked warehouse space at our facility in Atlanta, Georgia. We have stringent processes and security in place that keep your product safe and secure.

We provide accurate, real-time inventory management featuring full EDI and bar code capabilities, allowing complete visibility of your inventory for tracking and tracing. We manage order fulfillment processes for quality to ensure that each order is packed correctly and processed accurately.

Each order is picked from inventory and packaged and shipped according to your instructions.