Which pouch is the right pouch?
Pouches come in so many varieties—traditional, stand-up, stick, large format—how do you know which is the best fit for your product?

Let the experts at GSC help. We can work with you to evaluate your product and marketing needs, then make a recommendation on which pouch you should use.

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Pouches are one of the most versatile packaging choices—options for style and size are nearly infinite. Traditional pouches are often used for soups, sauce mixes, sweeteners, season packets, and other powdered food and are typically inserted into a carton. Stand-up pouches, with gusseted bottoms to provide a wide base, are designed to stand up on their own. Without the need for outside packaging, stand-up pouches can also be packed and displayed more efficiently. They save money and the environment, they're convenient to use, and they look great on the shelf. We can work with you to choose the pouch option that will showcase your product and make it easy to use.