What is HFFS?
HFFS, or Horizontal Form Fill Seal, describes the way the pouch is assembled; thus, machines that produce these types of pouches are called HFFS machines. A HFFS machine makes a tube out of a flat roll of material, fills, and then seals both ends of the pouch all on one process, making it very efficient.

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Pouches produced on a Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) machine are designed to be attractive on store shelves and convenient to use. Stand-up pouches—with gusseted bottoms to provide a wide base—stand up on the store shelf without additional packaging, so they look great and are easy to use. Closure types include a small cut for easy tearing or zipper style. Our high-speed HFFS machines can produce the pouch that fits your requirements. Talk to our team of experts about designing a pouch that fits your needs.