Top Trends of Packaging in 2013: Social Media and QR Codes

As social media begins to impact business and business practices, social media has become a huge trend in packaging in 2013. A great use of (free) viral marketing is having customers talk about your product on websites like Facebook and Twitter. With the latter, the ‘hashtag’ has become a very simple and popular marketing tool that opens a world of possibilities with one click. Many packages are detailed with specific hashtags that can be used to discuss the product, find variants of the product, or help facilitate social media discussions about the product or company that distributes the product. Social media on packaging also presents a myriad of creative marketing opportunities, and usually translates to stronger branding and better sales.

Quick Response codes, known commonly as QR codes, are on-package codes that can be scanned using smartphones to reveal more information about a product, including nutritional information, promotions and offers from the product distributor. QR codes are even used in conjunction with social media, making you a fan or follower of the company or product page with one simple scan. QR codes are successful in that brands aren’t pressured to place so much information about the product on the actual packaging, and can focus their efforts on eye-catching design to attract their customers.

GSC packaging can offer the best type of packaging for your product, whether you choose to place QR codes or social media on your packaging. Contact us today and see how we can help you meet your goals!

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