The Importance of Quality Assurance for Food and Beverage Packaging

A product is only as good as its packaging. When it comes to food and beverage, each and every item must be tightly sealed and stored at the correct temperature to maximize shelf life and prevent spoiling. To ensure the highest quality possible, contract packaging organizations follow Good Manufacturing Practices and quality assurance testing when handling materials and products. These guidelines are clearly defined, strictly controlled, and firmly enforced. The following systems are basic standards upheld by contract packaging companies to ensure the quality and safety of packaged food and drinks.

  1. Material Ingredient and Analysis to confirm purity and durability.
  2. Pest control and good manufacturing programs (GMP) to prevent the presence of pests in and near processing areas.
  3. Sanitation and good manufacturing programs (GMP) to ensure all sanitary conditions are met in the manufacturing facility as well as prevention of direct product contamination or adulteration.
  4. Product safety equipment that include magnets, metal detectors and screens to detect and prevent foreign matter contamination.
  5. Process control systems that include fill control and attribute audits to monitor density and meet all packaging requirements.
  6. Ingredient identification and traceability for product identification to track safe ingredients and aid in the removal of unsafe ingredients.
  7. Allergen management for the labeling and management of allergenic ingredients.

In addition to the techniques listed above, GSC employs several other measures to obtain the highest quality product possible:

  1. Validation of cleaning processes through lab testing of product samples. Results are analyzed and used to determine the standardization of temperature and other production variables.
  2. Traceability by way of bar codes. Every item is documented and tracked electronically, thus eliminating the risk of manual error.
  3. Heightened Security through surveillance cameras and card access security systems. These measures allow controlled restrictions of manufacturing areas as well as around the clock inspection of all products and processes.
  4. Monthly Self Auditing through unannounced inspections to proactively identify opportunities for improvement.

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