Progress Report: Quality is Key in the New GSC Plant Facility

When GSC Packaging first moved its operations into a 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility, CEO Bob Shapiro knew he would be able to take his company to the next level. Thanks to a strategic layout, air-handling technology, lot-code tracking, real-time computerized inventory control and air-conditioned storage, GSC has been able to efficiently run production with a focus on quality and material-flow.

So how has the company fared since its move? Thanks to incredible machinery and a superior space, GSC is able to adhere to the more stringent pharmaceutical-level standard for all products. Some of our process improvements include:

  • A formal internal audit program comprising monthly unannounced audits by GSC QA
  • Tightly monitored card-access security systems and surveillance cameras throughout the facility to protect all products and processes
  • Electronic inventory management system to track ingredients and ensure forward and backward traceability
  • Sanitation and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) through validation and lab testing

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