GSC Talks Product Quality with Packaging World

GSC has been making its rounds across the internet lately. On April 4, Packaging World published a feature on the company’s rapid growth and success. Quality, as CEO Bob Shapiro explains, has been a key driver and ultimately the main ingredient to their achievements. So what parameters have they set for product quality and what checks have they put in place to meet those goals?

  • Strict 5S environment consistent with Lean manufacturing – Sorting, Setting in order, Systematic cleaning, Standardization and Sustaining Best Practices
  • All 15 production lines in the GSC facility that use packaging machinery are given their own room or “suite” in an alcove designed specifically for that particular line and packaging function. Positive air pressure prevents cross-contamination of the powdered product.
  • Integration of manual operations to ensure human attention is present with quality control.
  • Regularly updated Training Needs Matrix based upon current needs, results and job descriptions
  • Full documentation report dedicated to each customer that tracks results and other important notes in quality or food safety.

To read more about GSC’s high growth through strict quality and standards, read the Packaging World article.

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