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GSC is once again making headlines with a new feature in’s Food & Beverage section. The article, titled “Selecting the Right Food Packaging Products,” is a full interview with GSC’s CEO Bob Shapiro on smart packaging options. Some of the highlights of this in-depth discussion include:

  • When considering the right packaging option for a product, a food company should first look at the functionality. Variables include “barrier properties” (level of barrier to moisture and oxygen), shelf presentation, ease of use, and cost.
  • While food entrepreneurs may be experts on their products, the interplay between the functional components and design components of packaging require a level of expertise that spans beyond the knowledge and skill set of most food entrepreneurs. For that reason, contract packaging is an essential component of the food packaging process.
  • When working with a contract packer, allow ample time for collaboration and development. A cushy timeline will enable the exploration of option and design, ultimately leading to the perfect package.

To get a complete rundown of all of Bob’s tips, read the full article on’s website.

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